Customize icons for PPM entity types

You can customize the icons for the following PPM entity types in the Administration Console:

  • Request types

  • Project types

  • Program types

  • Portfolio types

After customizing the icons for PPM entity types, the new icons are displayed on the pages in the Portfolio Management module and Team Management module.

To customize the icons for entity types:

  1. In the Administration Console Actions panel, click Administration Task > Icon Customization.

    The Icon Customization page opens and lists all the entity types that are available in the system. By default, the entity types are grouped by their types.

  2. (Optional) You can sort the entity types by clicking a column header. A small vertical arrow will be displayed in the column header currently used as the sorting criterion. Click the same column header for the third time to cancel the sorting.

  3. (Optional) You can filter the entity types by name or type:

    1. Hover over the column header by which you want to filter the entity types and then click on the right of the column header.
    2. Click and then select the check boxes of the values that meet your filter criteria.
  4. In the Abbreviation column of the target entity type, enter up to two characters for the abbreviation for the entity type. The abbreviation will appear on the icon.

    Note: By default, the initials (up to two) of the entity type name are used as the entity type's abbreviation.

  5. Click Save.