Install licenses

After you have successfully installed PPM, you can install an Autopass license key file, with PPM Server started or not started.

Step 1: Activate and generate an Autopass license file

To activate and generate your Autopass license for the version of PPM you purchased:

  1. Go to the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal at

  2. On the Manage Entitlements page, select the Available for Activation option. Select a product and click Activate.

  3. Complete the activation process to generate an Autopass license.

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Step 2: Install Autopass license

You can install a license either from the Administration Console or from the command line.

From Administration Console

For details, see Install Autopass license key file and view license usage from Administration Console

From command line

To install a license from the command line:

  1. Obtain and save the license file somewhere on your computer.

  2. Open a command prompt.

  3. Navigate to the <PPM_Home>/bin directory and run the following command:

    sh ./ <Autopass_License_File_Path>

    where Autopass_License_File_Path is the location of the Autopass license key file that you saved.

    The license file is installed and becomes effective right away, with a message popping up showing how many licenses are installed.

  4. (Applicable to 24.1 and earlier versions) Restart PPM.

    Note: Starting from 24.2, you no longer need to restart PPM.

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Install licenses in a clustered environment

You can install licenses on any node of a cluster without having to copy the license file to each of the remaining nodes. The licenses you installed are stored in the database instead of the license.conf file, which means that licenses are centralized.

However, always make sure that the IP address assigned in the license file matches that of the primary node in the cluster, otherwise you will receive a “0 license key(s) installed successfully” message.

To install licenses in a clustered environment, install the license key file on any of the nodes in the cluster.

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Uninstall a license

To uninstall a license:

  1. In the Administration Console navigation pane, select Administration Task > License.

  2. In the View History section, click Delete for the license key that you want to uninstall.

    A license, once uninstalled, is not available to be assigned to users.

    You cannot uninstall a license that has been assigned to users.

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