Customize labels of PPM web pages

It is possible to modify the labels from most PPM Web UI pages, when they are read from the PPM built-in properties files. This can be done to improve PPM translations or adapt PPM labels to the terminology of the end users.

You should add custom properties files with the customized labels in the folder <PPM_HOME>/conf/custom_resources/custom_labels. If you are running PPM as a cluster with multiple servers, you should copy your custom files on every server.

The Administration Console > Administration Task > Labels Customization page helps you identify the bundle name, i.e name of the properties file, and key of the labels displayed on PPM pages.

Toggle Labels Debugging

If you turn on labels debugging by clicking the Turn On Labels Debugging buttons in the Labels Customization page, whenever a PPM Web page loads, every label will be replaced by its label key prefixed with the [bundle_name]. This will indicate how to name the custom properties file and the key in the file contents if you want to modify this label.

Caution: You should NEVER turn on Labels Debugging on a production environment, as it will impact all users currently connected to this PPM node and will make PPM unusable. This is a feature that’s intended for development only.

Encode Text for Properties Files

If you open any .properties file, especially the ones with non-english text, you will notice that every character that is not a standard ASCII character will be encoded to a form such as \u1234.

In this section, you can paste some text and click the Encode button to get the text that you should insert in the properties file. It’s a good practice to do so even with English text, as characters such as double quotes and backslashes should also be encoded when put in a properties file.

List of Supported Languages

This section lists all the languages currently enabled on your PPM instance, and for each of them, shows you how to name a custom properties file to have it contain custom labels for that language.

This section also includes a button “Reload all custom labels” that you can press if you added new custom labels and custom properties files in <PPM_HOME>/conf/custom_resources/custom_labels, and want to test them immediately without restarting PPM. Note that if you’re running on a PPM cluster, this will only apply to the node you’re currently connected to.


  • Labels customization doesn’t work on the admin console labels.
  • Labels customization doesn’t work on labels from the Dashboard Module (icons on Dashboard page & “Personalize Dashboard” page).
  • Labels customization doesn’t work on translations from database (some workflow labels).
  • Labels customization doesn’t work on Workbench Labels.
  • Labels customization doesn’t work with Business Data translations – you still need to use the command line tool to import/export translations.