Tracking User Sessions in PPM Using Database Table

Using the database table PPM_LOGON_SESSIONS, you can track the following information of users sessions created in PPM:

  • Session start and finish time

  • Session type

  • How users logged on to PPM

  • PPM node on which the session was created

  • How the session ended

Note: The table PPM_LOGON_SESSIONS does not record information when users fail to authenticate.

The data in the table is automatically purged by the Logon Attempts Cleanup service after the duration specified by the parameter DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGON_SESSIONS_ROWS. By default, the value of the parameter is 60, which means the table contains information about user sessions during the previous 60 days.

For more information about this table, see the Data Model Guide.

Note: PPM_LOGON_SESSIONS can be used in combination with the table KNTA_LOGON_ATTEMPTS. For example, if you want to find out the IP address of a user when connecting to PPM, refer to KNTA_LOGON_ATTEMPTS.