Specify product function logging level from Logger Manager

You can specify the logging level for a specific product function from the Logger Manager page. This function is designed for advanced troubleshooting. Do not use it unless Software Support engineers advise you do to so.

  • This is a Beta feature.
  • You can also use the PRODUCT_FUNCTION_LOGGING_LEVEL parameter in the logging.conf file to specify the production function logging level. For details, see PRODUCT_FUNCTION_LOGGING_LEVEL.

To specify product function logging level from Logger Manager:

  1. Prerequisites:

    • You must have the Server Tools: Execute Admin Tools access grant.
    • The Specify Logging Level from Web UI feature toggle is enabled.
  2. Open the Administration Console.

  3. In the Administration Console Actions panel, click Administration Task > Logger Manager.

  4. To add a logging level for a product function, click Add, provide a name, and specify a logging level.

  5. To edit the logging level of a product function, select a new level for the target product function.

Changes made on the current node apply to all the nodes in the cluster. All the changes made on the Logger Manager page are discarded after you restart the PPM server.

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