Deploy WAR files on PPM server

You can deploy your custom WAR files on the PPM server.

Before you deploy custom WAR files

Understand the following before you deploy custom WAR files.

  • We recommend you read the instructions on how to authenticate with PPM and perform security checks from custom WAR files. You can find theses instructions in the index.jsp file in the PPM sample custom WAR.

  • It is not supported to modify PPM database, or call PPM Java APIs from the custom WAR code. To interact with PPM, use the supported REST or SOAP APIs.

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Deploy WAR files on PPM server

Follow the steps below to deploy your custom WAR files on the PPM server.

To deploy custom WAR files on the PPM server:

  1. Create a WAR file. PPM provides a sample WAR file for your reference, see PPM sample custom WAR.

  2. Copy the WAR file to the <PPM_HOME>/server/_common/deploy directory.

  3. Add your WAR file name (without the .war extension) to the CUSTOM_WARS parameter. For details, see the CUSTOM_WARS parameter in the Server parameters.

  4. Stop the PPM server.

  5. Run the script to update the server.xml file. For details about the script, see

  6. Restart the PPM server. The WAR file is deployed in PPM. To access your WAR file, replace itg in the base URL with the WAR file name (without the .war extension). For example, https://<web_server><server_port>/my-custom-war/.

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