Use feature toggles to turn on/off features

Feature toggles enable you to enable or disable a PPM feature, and its sub-features, if any.


You can access feature toggles from Administration Console > Administration Task > Feature Toggles.

With feature toggles, you can:

  • Turn features on and off without the need to restart PPM server to make the changes take effect.
  • Track the usage of each feature.
  • Have flexibility to try a feature and decide whether you plan to continue using it.

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Feature types

The following table lists the feature types in PPM.

Type Description

Features that are officially supported and ready to use in your production environment.

Released features do not have labels.


Features that may not be fully stable or field-tested enough but can work correctly in most scenarios.

You can turn on beta features in your production environment. However, if system stability is more crucial than anything else, we recommend you try beta features only in your testing environment.

Evergreen Candidate PPM by default turns on features of this type and plans to remove the option to turn off the features. We recommend that you train your users about how to use these features before they have to use them.


Available in 24.2 and later versions

Features that are planned for removal in a future version. We recommend that you discontinue using deprecated features.

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Configure which types of features are shown

Released features are always shown. By default, beta features are also shown.

You can use the SHOW_BETA_FEATURES parameter to show or hide beta features. For details, see Server parameters.

Note: If you already turned on a beta feature, and then set to hide beta features, the feature is still shown in the Feature Toggles page. Only the disabled beta features are no longer shown.

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Search features

Features are listed in the order of the time when they are introduced. The latest feature is listed on the top.

You can search for a feature by keywords and filters.

Enter keywords to search Type keywords in the field to search for the features that have keywords included in the names.

Three filters are available for use:

  • Toggle Status: Click ON to search for enabled features, and OFF for disabled features. The filter only supports single selection.
  • Feature Type: Search for features of a certain type. The filter only supports single selection.
  • Module: Search for features that were introduced for the selected modules. The filter supports multiple selection.

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How to turn on/off a feature

We recommend that you turn on beta features only in your testing environments, and that you do not turn on under-development features.

To turn on, or turn off a feature, click the feature toggle.

If a feature cannot be turned off once turned on, the toggle has a "forbidden" tooltip.

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