After you have activated and generated an Autopass license from the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal (https://sld.microfocus.com/mysoftware/index), and that you have successfully installed PPM, use the kLicenseInstall.sh script to install the Autopass license key file(s). The newly installed Autopass license keys override the trial or evaluation licenses.

To install an Autopass license key file,

  1. Run the following command:

    sh ./kLicenseInstall.sh <Autopass_License_File_Path>

    where, <Autopass_License_File_Path> is the full path of the Autopass license key file you save on your machine.

    For example,

    sh ./kLicenseInstall.sh C:\AutopassLicense.dat

    Note: For instructions about activating and generating an Autopass .dat license file, see Generate Autopass license.

  2. Restart PPM.