Overview of the PPM Purge Tool

The standalone PPM Purge Tool is designed only for the users who have both the SYS DBA and PPM application administrator access grants to permanently delete (purge) stale database data by specifying purging criteria.

For security reasons, it is highly recommended that this tool should be installed on a dedicated server that only the tool users with both the SYS DBA and administrator access grant can have access to, rather than on an end-user's machine.

The PPM Purge Tool offers the following:

  • Dynamic statistics overview of all entities with statuses in the PPM Oracle database
  • Enables administrators to define purging criteria based on their organizations business needs and to purge stale data to decrease database load
  • Downloadable XML files for purging criteria that administrators defined and downloadable purge history reports

The PPM Purge Tool is located here: <PPM_Home>/bin/purge/ppm-purge.zip.

The ppm-purge.zip package contains the following:

  • <purge_home>/kPurgeStart.bat:Execute this script to launch the PPM Purge Tool web server on a Windows system.
  • <purge_home>/kPurgeStart.sh: Execute this script to launch the PPM Purge Tool web server on a Unix system.
  • <purge_home>/jetty folder, contains all necessary scripts and files for the tool, including the ppminfo.conf file.

Note: The PPM Purge Tool can be accessed from an IPv4 address only. It does not support a JDBC connection using IPv6 URL.