Translating Descriptions and Reasons in Time Sheet Suggested Items Lists

Time Management creates a Suggested Items list for users to consider when adding items to their time sheets. The list includes Description and Reason columns to indicate the nature of and rationale for the suggested items. The collection of items offered in the Suggested Items list is controlled by one or more rule definitions, which are XML files.

For custom rules, you can create sets of translated Description and Reason fields for any set of the languages installed in PPM, but the process is different than for translation of boilerplate or other custom content. You must separately add your own translations for these fields after you install or upgrade PPM.

As described in the Time Management Configuration Guide, for each language in which you want translated Description and Reason values to appear in the Suggested Items list, you create a separate .properties file. The filename is correlated to the <resource-bundle> tag in the rule definition and is appended with a language code. For example, if the value of the <resource-bundle> tag in the rule definition is suggested_items, the filename of the .properties file with German translations, represented by the language code _de, must be

In the example, for each language you establish a separate suggested_items_<Language_Code>.properties file that includes the translated values for Description and Reason that are to appear in the Suggested Items list for time sheets.

For detailed procedures on how to create the .properties files required to support translations of the Description and Reason columns in the Suggested Items list, see the Time Management Configuration Guide.