Managing Entity Translations

About Entity Translations

While language packs replace the English language text in the user interface with text in a different language, the MLU allows the translation of specific attributes of entities to a different language so that each user sees those attributes in his or her own language, even if a previous user selected the attribute in a different language. Entities are the requests, roles, activities, and other objects you work with when using PPM. They are the objects that must be configured before business users can process requests, packages, package lines, project plans, or tasks.

A user's session language determines the language displayed by an entity in PPM. For example, if a user selects German as the session language, entities that are translated to German are displayed (in German) in PPM. If the entity is not available in the user's session language, PPM uses the entity's definition language. For example, if activities are defined in English and have not been translated to German, then a user who selects German as the session language will see activities displayed in English.

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