Enabling Users to Act on Decision Workflow Steps in Chatbot

After you set up PPM Chatbot, you can configure a decision workflow step so the workflow step recipients can process the workflow step directly in Chatbot.

To configure a decision workflow step to be acted upon through Chatbot:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Configuration > Workflows.
  2. Open a workflow.
  3. On the Layout tab in the Workflow window, double-click a decision step.
  4. In the Workflow Step window, click the Notifications tab.
  5. Click New.

    The Add Notification for step window opens to the Setup tab.

  6. Select the Enable Decision By Chatbot checkbox.

    Note: The Enable Decision By Chatbot checkbox is only available when the Enable PPM Chatbot feature toggle is turned on.

  7. From the Event list, select Eligible.

    Caution: We recommend that you do not specify All, Specific Result, or Specific Error as the triggering event.

    Note: Selecting the Enable Decision By Chatbot checkbox defaults the Interval list value to Immediate.

  8. In the Recipients section, select the notification recipients.

    You can only specify PPM users who have permission to act on the workflow step as notification recipients.

  9. Select and complete the Message tab as follows:

    1. From the Notification Template list, select Standard Chatbot Message (YAML).
    2. From the Notification Format list, select YAML.
    3. Use or revise the template to construct the body of the message.
  10. Click OK.

To act upon workflow steps through Chatbot:

When a workflow advances to the step for which you have set up the notification, PPM Chatbot will send notifications to the specified recipients. The recipients can do the following from the Teams message:

  • Click the buttons available in the message to act upon the step.
  • Provide notes for the step by directly entering the notes in the message.