Filter requests of all request types

Available in version: 24.2 and later

The Requests page enables you to filter requests of all request types. You can save your personal filter settings as favorite views for later use.

Access the Requests page


The Enable Requests Page feature toggle is enabled.

From the menu, click Open > Requests.

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Filter requests

Use quick filters or the filter pane to filter requests of all request types.

Note: You can only filter requests of the request types to which you have the View access right.

To use quick filters:

The quick filters are located at the top-right of the page:

  • Eligible for My Action: Displays requests that are eligible for your action.
  • Include Closed: Displays closed requests.

To use the filter pane:

  1. At the top-right above the request list, click Show filter pane to display the filter pane.
  2. Click + Add filter.

  3. Select a field to filter by. You can enter a search string in the Search box to locate the target field.

    Filtering is supported on these field types: list, check box, radio button, date, tag, text, and text area.

    When you see a filter field array like this: Expected Start Period | Planned Start Period | Expected Start Date, it is because multiple fields from different request types use the same token but have distinct labels. These fields are collectively considered as a single filter field, supporting filtering across all associated fields. In this example, you can use the Expected Start Period | Planned Start Period | Expected Start Date field to filter requests by Expected Start Period, Planned Start Period, or Expected Start Date.

  4. Select the operator and define the values to filter by.

    When multiple values are selected, OR logic is applied. A request is displayed if any of the values are found in the request.

  5. Click OK. The displayed results include requests that meet the filter conditions.
  6. To add another filter, click + Add filter and then define the field and values to filter by.

    When you add another filter, the additional filter is applied using AND logic.

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Save favorite views

You can save your personal filter settings as a favorite view. The favorite saves the following settings: filter, selected columns, and column sequence.

To save a display as a favorite:

  1. On the Requests page, above the request list table, click Add View if no personal favorite is added, or Add if you already have one.
  2. Enter a name for the view.

    The favorite view is added as tab above the request list and under the All Views list.

  3. (Optionally) To change the sequence of the view, drag the tab to the target position.

To update a favorite:

  1. Above the request list table, click the tab of the favorite or click the favorite from the All Views list.
  2. Adjust the display settings as needed. The Save and Clear buttons appear next to favorite name.
  3. Click Save to save the updates.

To manage favorites:

  1. Above the request list table, select a favorite view.

  2. Click the More button next to the favorite name, and then click the appropriate buttons to rename, duplicate, or delete the favorite.

    You can delete any favorite view, including the default or your personal favorite. However, if there remains only one view, you cannot delete it.

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