Deployment Management Environments

An Deployment Management environment is composed of a unique combination of server, client, database, and file system data that represent one logical group.

Figure 1-7. Deployment Management environment

The environment server represents the main host machine for the environment. This machine may be of any platform type; for example, UNIX� or Windows�. Typically, the server is a UNIX machine that also hosts the database for this environment.

The environment client represents a remote client machine that also serves to identify the specified environment. The client is typically defined if users are doing multiplatform development in a client/server environment, with some development done on UNIX, and some on Windows Server. The client can be a file server that stores client code accessed by users. Many programs, such as transactional forms, have both client and server components; for example, the user interface code and the database objects, respectively. Figure 1-8. Sample environment shows an example of information displayed in the Environment window.

Figure 1-8. Sample environment