Adding References to Packages from Package Workbench

You can use the References section of the package detail page to add references of several types to a package. For example, you might want to add a document or URL to a package. You can add the following types of references to a package:

  • Attachments

  • Packages (new and existing)

  • Projects

  • Releases

  • Requests (new and existing)

  • Tasks

  • URLs

For some references (such as requests and other packages), you can create a functional dependency to the original package. For example, you can specify that a request is a predecessor to the package. This means the package cannot continue until the request is closed. For a list of the references and their possible dependency relationships, see Reference Relationships .

This section provides details on how to use the Package Workbench to add the different entity types as package references. For information on how to add package references from the standard interface, see Adding References to Packages from Standard Interface.