Overview of Processing Packages

In Deployment Management, after a package has been submitted, you can process and manage it. Processing packages refers to working with the package as the package progresses through its workflow.

You can locate packages that require attention using one of the following methods:

  • Use the Package Workbench. Use the Query tab in the Package Workbench to specify search criteria to find a package. After the package is found, highlight the package and click Open. The selected package opens in the Package window.

  • Use Portlets in the Standard Interface. The quickest way to locate relevant packages is through the standard interface. When included on a PPM Dashboard page, the My Packages portlet displays all the packages you have created or that are assigned to you. Click a package number to open the package in the standard interface.

  • Use Searches in the Standard Interface. Using search in the standard interface is another way to find a package. In the standard interface, on the menu bar, select Search > Packages. The Package Search page opens. In the Package Search page, complete the search criteria, and then click Search. The Package Search Results page opens. In the Package Search Results page, click a package number to open the package in the standard interface.

  • Use Notifications. As a package proceeds through its workflow, email notifications can be sent to alert you of pending actions. The notification might include a link to the package. Click the link to open the referenced package in the PPM Workbench. If you are not currently logged on to PPM, the Logon page opens.

  • Generate a Report on Open Packages (Standard Interface). Deployment Management includes a predefined set of reports that generate HTML text and can be accessed by a Web browser. Among these reports is the Packages Pending Report, which reports on open packages with pending activity.

    For information about generating and viewing Deployment Management reports, see the Reports Guide and Reference.

For detailed information on how to process packages in the standard interface, see Using Standard Interface to Process Packages.