Adding Existing Requests as Package References

You can reference existing requests to packages.

To reference an existing request:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. Open or create a package.

    For information on how to open a package, see Opening Packages from Standard Interface.

  3. Scroll to the References section.

  4. From the New Reference list, select Request (Existing), and then click Add.

    The Add Reference: Request window opens.

  5. Specify search criteria for the request, and then click Search.

  6. Under Select which Relationship the selected Requests will have to Package #, select the option that describes the relationship that the new request has to the open package.

    For information about the different types of reference relationships, see Reference Relationships .

  7. Select the checkbox for the request that you want to add as a package reference, and then click Add.

    On the Package page, the References to be added on Save field lists the referenced request.

  8. Click Save.