Checking Package Status

Each package line must follow the business process defined by its assigned workflow. You can view all the workflow and subworkflow steps for each line on the Status tab in the Package window.

To view the status of a submitted package:

  1. Open a submitted package.

    For information on how to open a package, see Opening Packages from PPM Workbench .

    The Package window opens.

  2. Click the Status tab.

  3. Review the status of the package.

    You can now review the status of each package line. The result of each workflow step is recorded in the package line row, so that you can quickly get an idea of which lines have closed with success or closed with a failure.

    Although all the workflow steps are listed, a package line does not necessarily go through every step before it is resolved. For example, you might have a rework step that is only used if rework is required. For more information about the package, select one of the logs, views, or reports related to the package. For more information about the Status tab, see Package Window, Status Tab .