Creating New Package Groups

It is often useful to link a new package to a package group for tracking and reporting purposes. After you link packages to package groups, you can use the package group to search for packages or in building custom portlets. You create new package groups from the Package Workbench.

To create a package group:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Open Workbench.

    The PPM Workbench opens.

  3. From the shortcut bar, select Deployment Mgmt > Packages.

    The Package Workbench opens.

  4. From the Package menu, select New Package Group.

    The Validation: KNTA - Package and Request Groups window opens and displays the existing groups for packages and requests.

  5. Click New.

    The Add Validation Value window opens to the Value Information tab.

  6. In the Code field, type the token name for the new Package Group list item.

  7. In the Meaning field, type the name to display for this item in the Package Group list.

  8. In the Desc field, type a short description of the package group.

  9. To disable the new list value, clear the Enable? checkbox.

  10. To make this value the default selection in the Package Grouplist, select the Default checkbox.

  11. Click OK.