Calculating Estimated Remaining Effort

This section describes how PPM calculates the Estimated Remaining Effort (ERE) of a task.

ERE is an estimated value derived from actuals, which means that having actuals is key to reflecting changes in ERE. If there are no actuals, PPM resets ERE to zero.

If actuals have been logged against a task, the ERE value gets updated whenever the % Complete field on the Task Details page is modified. This means that ERE is not reset to zero and stays in sync with changes in the % Complete field.

If you manually input ERE, % Complete is calculated as Actual Effort / (Actual Effort + ERE)

If you manually input % Complete, ERE is calculated as one of the following:

  • ERE = Scheduled Effort (SE) - Actual Effort (AE)

  • ERE = (Last ERE + Last AE) - AE