Changing a Scenario Comparison's Basic Information

The basic information (top section) of the Scenario Comparison page contains fields that describe or specify parameters related to the scenario comparison as a whole. Some of the fields were not available when the scenario comparison was first created. See Figure 5-10. Scenario Comparison page.

To change these fields:

  1. Open the scenario comparison that has the basic information fields you want to change. See Listing and Viewing Scenario Comparisons.

  2. Using the following table, change these fields as desired.

    Field Name (*Required)


    Scenario Details

    Set of links that open the Scenario Details pages for each scenario in the scenario comparison.

    *Comparison Name

    Name of the scenario comparison.

    Created By

    (Read-only) User who created the scenario comparison.

    Last Updated By

    (Read-only) User who last updated the scenario comparison.


    Option to specify whether the scenario comparison is active. If you make a scenario comparison inactive, its information is retained but it is displayed in the Scenario Comparison List only if the Show Only Active Comparisons field in the Filter By section on the Scenario Comparison List page is set to No.

    Last Updated On

    (Read-only) Date the scenario comparison was last updated.


    Description for the scenario comparison.

    Add Supply Budget button, or after a supply budget has been added, Edit Supply Budget button

    Click to specify the supply budget to use for the scenario comparison.

    The Supply Budget window opens. In the Jump To field, you can select a year from the range of years the scenario comparison covers.

    Tip: You can copy the data in a cell to an adjacent range of cells in the same row, by clicking the cell with the data to copy, clicking the cell at the other end of the range, and then pressing SHIFT + click.

    The supply budget will be displayed as the Total Budget line in the Cost Plan graph of the scenario comparison's Overview tab.

    Calculate Total Available Resources for comparison from the following Resource Pools

    Set of resource pools for which total resources will be summed and displayed as the Total Available Resources line in the Resource Plan graph of the scenario comparison's Overview tab.

    These resource pools need not be related to the resource demand represented by the set of staffing profiles attached to the lifecycle entities in a scenario.

    *Start Period

    Start period for the scenario comparison.

    *Finish Period

    End period for the scenario comparison.

  3. Click Save.