Portfolio Management

This section introduces the overall process of portfolio management.

Overview of portfolios

A portfolio is a collection of investments or solution sets.

In a small-to-midsize enterprise, one portfolio can typically govern the entire solution set. In a large enterprise, there can be multiple portfolios, one for each line of business. They collectively build up a portfolio hierarchy for the enterprise.

Each portfolio fulfills its contribution to realize the overall enterprise strategy.

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Portfolio management process

The following table provides an overview of the portfolio management process.

Stage Description
Create a portfolio type

Define a portfolio template to standardize a set of portfolios.

For details, see Portfolio types.

Create a portfolio

Create a portfolio and configure its settings.

For details, see Create and configure your portfolio.

Align corporate strategy and business objectives with portfolio vision

Align the corporate strategy with the portfolio vision.

For details, see Portfolio Strategy.

Manage portfolio contents

Include contents in your portfolio. Review the contents periodically to prioritize the contents and decide what to invest in.

For details, see Portfolio backlog.

Track and review portfolio

Track and review your portfolio using portfolio portlets.

For details, see Portfolio overview.

Continuous portfolio planning

Use What-if analysis for continuous portfolio planning.

For details, see What-if Analysis.

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