Selecting Which Lifecycle Entities in a Scenario Comparison Are Used in a Scenario

The Scenario Content section of the Scenario Comparison page lists all of the lifecycle entities (proposals, projects, and assets) currently in the scenario comparison. The contents of each individual scenario in the scenario comparison are controlled by the check boxes under the scenario numbers 1, 2, or 3. See Figure 5-10. Scenario Comparison page.

Note: By default, scenarios in a scenario comparison are identical if they have the same set of lifecycle entities selected. However, you can change the start date for any lifecycle entity in a scenario (see Adjusting Start Dates for Lifecycle Entities in a Scenario), which makes that scenario different from other scenarios with the same entities. This difference is not identified on the Scenario Comparison page.

To change the contents of a particular scenario, using lifecycle entities that are already in the scenario comparison:

  1. Open the scenario comparison that has the scenarios you want to change. See Listing and Viewing Scenario Comparisons.

  2. Scroll down to the Scenario Content section.

  3. In the column for scenario 1, 2, or 3, select or deselect the check boxes for the lifecycle entities that you want to be included in or excluded from the scenario.

    Note: If lifecycle entities A and B are in the Scenario Content list, if lifecycle entity B was defined to depend on lifecycle entity A, and if you deselect the check box for lifecycle entity A without deselecting the check box for lifecycle entity B (in other words, if you create a dependency violation within this scenario), the check boxes for both lifecycle entities become highlighted in red.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save to save all your changes to the scenario comparison, including any changes you may have made to the basic information fields above the graphs, such as Comparison Name and Description.

    • Click Update Scenarios at the top of the Scenario Content section to save only the changes you made to content selections in scenarios. This does not save any changes you may have made to the basic information fields above the graphs.

    The graphs on all the tabs above the Scenario Content section are updated according to the changes you made to the content selections for each scenario.