Viewing the Details of a Lifecycle Entity

To view the details of a lifecycle entity from a particular scenario:

  1. Open a scenario comparison that includes the scenario you want to change. See Listing and Viewing Scenario Comparisons.

  2. In the Scenario Details field near the top of the Scenario Comparison page (or the Scenario Names field near the top of the Scenario Content table), click the link that identifies the desired scenario.

    That scenario's Scenario Details page opens, with the Timeline tab selected.

  3. If you let your mouse hover over a lifecycle entity (horizontal bar) in the Timeline tab, a popup appears with the lifecycle entity's name, total budget, total benefit, and total resource. Click the lifecycle entity whose details you want to view.

    A window opens with the <Lifecycle Entity> Start Date read-only field, the Scenario Start Date field, and the Remove <Lifecycle Entity> and View <Lifecycle Entity> Details buttons, where <Lifecycle Entity> is Proposal or Project or Asset.

  4. Click the View <Lifecycle Entity> Details button.

    The lifecycle entity's details are displayed.