Board View

The portfolio board is divided into columns and swim lanes, where each column and swim lane represents a group such as strategic theme and status. Under each column in the swim lane, the relevant backlog items are displayed as cards.

You can change the board's column and swim lane to display the backlog to fit your business needs. You can also edit the backlog items with a simple drag-and-drop.

Note: Board view is not supported in IE.

Change board layout

You can change the board layout to fit your business needs.

Action Steps
Change board's column and swim lane
  1. Open a portfolio backlog in the Board view.
  2. Click the Change Board Layout button.

  3. In the Change Board Layout page, use the list to select a field for the Column and Swim Lane.

    Which fields can be used as Column and Swim Lane?

    • Type, Program, Portfolio, Status, Strategic Theme (or the name customized in your organization), Overall Health, Cost Health, Schedule Health, and Issue Health
    • The single-select list-validated auto-complete-list and list-validated drop-down-list fields that are selected to display in Backlog. For details, see Set displayed columns.
    • The Swim Lane can be blank.
  4. To hide the empty columns or empty swim lanes, turn on the Hide Empty Columns and Hide Empty Swim Lanes toggles respectively.

  5. Click Save.

Adjust column and swim lane position
  • Drag the column header to the left or right to adjust the column position.
  • Drag the swim lane up or down to change the swim lane position.

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Edit backlog items


  • The "Enable Inline Editing in Portfolio Backlog" feature toggle is turned on.
  • You should have the view access grant to the portfolio.
  • To edit an entity, you should have the edit access right to it.

Drag and drop entities to change their information. For example, if you drag an entity from the column "Strategic Theme A" to the column "Strategic Theme B", the entity's strategic theme is changed from "Strategic Theme A" to "Strategic Theme B".

You can drag entities between columns in the same swim lane, between swim lanes under the same column, or to a different column in a different swim lane.

Which fields are editable?

  • You can edit the following fields: Strategic Theme, the single-select list-validated auto-complete-list fields, and list-validated drop-down-list fields.
  • If a field is set to non-editable in the status dependencies, or the field attribute is set to display-only, then you cannot edit this field.

Note: When a portfolio has subportfolios, if you edit an entity's strategic theme in Board view, be aware of the following:

  • The strategic themes of the parent portfolio and all levels of its subportfolios are listed.
  • Only the strategic themes of the portfolio which an entity directly belongs to can be selected for this entity.
  • If the strategic themes of different portfolios have the same name and color, only one is displayed. In this case, all these portfolios' direct entities can use this strategic theme.

Known issues

See Known issues in inline editing.

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