Managing Business Objectives

Business objectives provide a way for you to capture business goals as discrete entities that you can then prioritize and tie to other entities, including programs.

Example: For example, XYZ Corporation creates the business objective "Reduce order-to-delivery time," assigns it a priority, and associates it with a program created to upgrade the customer service system.

Creating Business Objectives

  1. Prerequisite:

    • You must have either of the following:

      • The Program Management license and the Edit All Programs access grant.
      • The Portfolio Management license and the Edit All Portfolios access grant.
    • The use of business objectives is enabled by setting the ENABLE_BUSINESS_OBJ parameter to true.

  2. From the menu bar, select Create > Administrative > Business Objective.
  1. Provide information about the business objective that you want to add.

    Field Name



    What the business objective is about.


    The status of the business objective:

    • In Progress: The business objective is being developed.

    • Achieved: The business objective has been completed.

    • Cancelled: The business objective has been cancelled.


    The program manager responsible for the business objective.


    A positive non-zero integer used to rank the business objective. More than one business objective can share the same priority.


    More detailed information about the business objective.

  2. Click Create.

    Note: If your PPM instance supports multiple languages, any business objective you create is defined in the language you selected at logon (your session language). After the business objective is created, it can be modified only in its definition language.

Searching for a Business Objective to View or Edit

  1. From the menu, select Search > Administrative > Business Objectives.
  2. To view or edit a business objective, click its name.
  3. Click Done to save your changes.

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