Microsoft Storage Location for PPM System Information

The integration requires a custom Microsoft Project field for both tasks and resources in order to properly transfer information between applications. The first three settings in this category allow you to specify which field to use.

Note: If you change the custom Microsoft Project field after a work plan has been integrated, data in the original custom Microsoft Project field is not deleted.

When synchronizing projects in shared control mode, several more custom Microsoft Project fields must be specified in this category. These fields hold the following:

  • Snapshots of data that will be automatically changed by Microsoft Project once synchronization is complete

  • Flags for fields that are changed by the synchronization, and fields that are changed by Microsoft Project based on those synchronized fields

    This project-level setting also allows you to change the field value colors in the custom Microsoft Project table view for synchronized actuals fields and the fields automatically changed by Microsoft Project based on the synchronization. For information on using this custom table view, see Custom Microsoft Project Filters and Tables.