Approving Project Time

If your project enables using Time Management to track actuals against the project, the resources who are working on the project enter their actual effort in time sheets. You can approve or reject the time logged against your project if you are authorized to do so.

How to Enable Time Management for Your Project

This is done in the project's Cost and Effort policy > Time Management section, where you specify:

  • At what level of detail the project's tasks are tracked on time sheets

  • Who can log time for the project

  • Whether certain project representatives must approve time logged

  • Which effort fields are tracked (this is set in the Cost and Effort policy > Resource Load Settings section)

  • Whether time can be logged after a task is complete

For details, see Cost and effort policy.

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How to Approve Time Logged Against Your Project


  1. Go to the Time Approval portlet in the project overview page > Summary tab.

    It lists the resources who are working on your project and have submitted their actual work time in the time sheets.

    Column Description
    Time to Approve Amount of time you are able to approve in the time sheet.
    Total Time

    Total amount of time in the time sheets.

    It can be more than Time to Approve if you are not an approver for some lines of the time sheet.

    Approvable Line Costs

    The total cost for all the tasks you can approve in the project.

    You must have the View Project, Program, and Time Sheet Cost Data access grant to view this column.

  2. Select the time sheets of interest, and click Approve or Reject.

    The time sheet lines you are able to approve in these time sheets are approved or rejected accordingly.

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