Completing, Cancelling, and Deleting Projects

All projects must reach an endpoint. The project can either be brought to completion, or reach a point where no more work can be done. Work plan statuses provide distinct ways of differentiating between work plans that have been Completed or Cancelled. For more detailed information on work plan statuses, see Execute a project. Projects can also be deleted by users with the proper level of access.

Completing Work Plans

Project managers can set the work plan status to Completed.

If a work plan is manually set to Completed:

  • Any incomplete tasks are set to Completed.

  • Any incomplete summary tasks are set to Completed.

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Cancelling Work Plans

Occasionally, all work on a particular business initiative can be stopped. The endeavor might have been found to be unprofitable, it might not be feasible given current resource limitations or there might be another business reason. Tasks can have their statuses changed to Cancelled to reflect this circumstance.

  • If a work plan is manually set to Cancelled, any incomplete tasks under it are set to Cancelled.

  • From Cancelled, a work plan can be moved back to On Hold.

  • Once the work plan is moved into an Active summary task status:

    • Task statuses will be recalculated.

    • Tasks previously In Progress will not regain the task status of In Progress.

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Deleting a Project

Sometimes projects are created in error. Project managers can delete projects from the Project Overview page. In the upper-right corner of the Project Overview page, click ... > Delete Project to delete a project.

Note: Once deleted, a project cannot be recovered. Use in caution when considering projects for deletion.

Item to Delete

Access Requirements

A single project

  • Project manager for the project

  • Access grant: Delete Projects

  • Access grant: Edit Projects

A single project with actuals

  • Project manager for the project

  • Access grant: Delete Projects

  • Access grant: Delete Projects with Actuals

  • Access grant: Edit Projects

When a project is deleted, its financial summary is also deleted, including snapshots, actuals, and manually entered data. Time sheet data and staffing profiles are not deleted. If the project is associated with a program, the project is deleted from that program.

You cannot delete a project if:

  • the project has more than one parent

  • the project was created from a proposal (because both the project and proposal share the same financial summary)

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