Deleting a Work Plan

You may want to delete your project's current work plan to create a new one, or import a work plan from Microsoft Project if your project is integrated with Microsoft Project.

Before you delete a work plan with actuals

For the purpose of project cost auditing, PPM by default does not allow deleting a work plan with actuals, unless you manually remove all the actuals first.

However, if your system administrator sets the parameter ALLOW_DELETE_WORK_PLAN_WITH_ACTUALS to true, you can delete a work plan with actuals directly without the manual work.

Note the following before you delete a work plan with actuals:

  • When a work plan with actuals is deleted, all the cost (labor and non-labor) that is calculated from the work plan and rolled up to the project's financial summary is removed from the financial summary.

    Note: If, after deleting a work plan, you notice that there are still actuals in the financial summary coming from the work plan, create a new blank work plan and wait for the Cost Rollup service to run and remove these actuals.

  • If your project uses Time Management to track actuals in the task or summary task level, and time is already logged against the project tasks in time sheets, you cannot delete the work plan.
  • If your project uses Time Management to track actuals in the project level, you can delete the work plan, and the cost calculated from the time sheets are still preserved in the financial summary.

How to delete a work plan

  1. Open the work plan in a non-Quick view.
  2. In the toolbar, click Actions > Delete Work Plan.

  3. Click Delete in the confirmation dialog.