Deleting Required Tasks or Tasks/Resources with Actuals

When a work plan is being shared between Microsoft Project and Project Management, deleting one of the following entity types in Microsoft Project results in an error that will halt the next integration process (you cannot delete tasks or resources with actuals in Project Management):

  • A task marked as required by the work plan template, if the work plan was originally created in Project Management from a work plan template.

  • A task or resource that has actuals.

If you experience an integration error related to the deletion of a task or resource in Microsoft Project that had actuals, you can do one of the following:

  • Use the existing backup copy as a starting point from which to reapply your most recent edits. See Back up Microsoft Project files for more information about backups.

  • In Microsoft Project, select PPM > Refresh association to restore the task and dependency.

Recovering Deleted Tasks Using Microsoft Project Associations

You can relink the work plan to the Microsoft Project file manually by selecting PPM > Project Details in Microsoft Project (see Restoring Microsoft Project and Project Management Associations). After you select the project whose link you want to reestablish, the integration examines the work plan task by task and presents you with a list of work plan tasks whose Microsoft Project counterparts are ambiguous or nonexistent. For each task, you can choose from the following options:

  • Select a matching task in the Microsoft Project plan

  • Create a new task in the Microsoft Project plan

  • Do nothing

Any tasks in the Microsoft Project plan that are not associated with a Project Management task are ignored.