Installing and Upgrading the Plug-in for PPM

This is a one-time action that does not need to be repeated every time you use Microsoft Project or Project Management. The Plug-in for PPM user, not the system administrator (unless they are the same user), should install the Plug-in for PPM on the system.

Note: If more than one user will use the Plug-in for PPM on the system, each user must install his own instance of the Plug-in for PPM (each instance should be installed in a different destination folder).

If you downgrade Microsoft Project (from 2010 to 2007) or upgrade Microsoft Project (from 2007 to 2010) after installing the Plug-in for PPM, you must remove and then re-install the Plug-in for PPM.

If you upgrade PPM, you may need to upgrade the Plug-in for PPM. See Upgrading the Plug-in for PPM for more information about upgrading the Plug-in for PPM.

Note: If the Plug-in for PPM has not been installed on your system and you cannot see the download option in the menu bar, contact your PPM administrator for access.