Manually map resources between applications

Available for: Shared Control Mode and Microsoft Project-Controlled Mode

In shared control mode and Microsoft Project-controlled mode, during synchronization, Microsoft Project resources are automatically mapped to PPM resources. Automatic resource mapping occurs upon the first synchronization or (during synchronization) when a new resource has been added to Microsoft Project. You can also manually map resources. See Planned Information for more information about automatic resource mapping. See How to Manually Map Resources for information on how to manually map resources.

When mapping or unmapping resources, consider the following:

  • The list of project participants includes resources, the project manager, stakeholders, and summary task owners.

  • Project Management resources that are listed are users who are resources in a resource pool that the current user manages or resources in the project's staffing profile.

  • Some Microsoft Project resources may not be automatically mapped to a Project Management resource. There are two types of unmapped resources. The first type is one that cannot be automatically mapped by the Plug-in for PPM and have a question mark in each PPM resource column. The second type is one that is intentionally set as unmapped and have empty fields in each PPM resource column.

  • You can leave some resources intentionally unmapped. In this case, the effort associated with those resources will appear as unassigned effort on the task in Project Management.

  • You can map a single Project Management resource to more than one Microsoft Project resource. However, these Microsoft Project resources cannot be assigned to the same task.

How to Manually Map Resources

To manually map resources from Microsoft Project to Project Management:

  1. Open the project in Microsoft Project.

  2. Select PPM > View Mapping of Resources.

    The Mapping Resources dialog opens. In the table, each row is associated with a Microsoft Project resource. These resources may be mapped to one or more PPM resources or they may be unmapped. Unmapped resources will have a question mark or empty fields in each PPM resource column.

  3. You can map or unmap a Microsoft Project resource.

  4. Click Finish.

  5. If you have unmapped resources (resources that cannot be automatically mapped by the Plug-in for PPM and have not been set as intentionally unmapped), a warning message displays.

    • To save unmapped resources, click Continue.

    • To map the unmapped resources, click Previous (you will be returned to the Mapping Resources dialog).