Opening a Work Plan in Microsoft Project using Project Management

A project manager who uses Project Management to manage projects can open, in Microsoft Project, the current Project Management work plan using a menu in the Project Management work plan.

Note: ActiveX is no longer required to open a work plan in Microsoft Project using Project Management.

To open a Project Management work plan in Microsoft Project using Project Management:

  1. Open the work plan in Project Management.

  2. From the work plan, click Actions > Open Work Plan in Microsoft Project.

    The Opening PPM_Project.mpp dialog displays.

  3. Select Open with Microsoft Office Project (default).

  4. Click OK.

  5. If prompted, type your Project Management username and password and click OK.

    The work plan opens in Microsoft Project.

    Note: Because the Plug-in for PPM must open the work plan, a temporary Microsoft Project file (PPM_Project.mpp) is created. Do not save this file and do not use it to manually re-open the work plan in Microsoft Project. If the temporary file is not launched from Project Management, Microsoft Project may not open the most current or correct work plan. When the work plan has been opened by Microsoft Project, the temporary file is deleted.