Project Health policy

Project health is the summary condition of the project schedule health, cost and earned value health (short for cost health), and issue health. The project health indicator appears in the project header.

The Project Health policy controls:

  • How the project health is calculated

  • Whether project participants can override the project's calculated health.

Options in this policy are described as follows.

Option Description
Allow project managers to override these settings? Whether or not project managers can edit this policy in their projects.
Calculating The Health

Select how the project health is calculated. Options include:

By default, the project health is calculated by Health Weights.

Health Weights

Project Health = (Schedule weight * Schedule health value + Cost weight * Cost health value + Issue weight * Issue health value) / Sum of weights

  • If schedule, cost, or issue health is green, the health value is 1/6.
  • If schedule, cost, or issue health is yellow, the health value is 3/6.
  • If schedule, cost, or issue health is red, the health value is 5/6.

The mapping between calculated project health value and its health indicator is as follows:

  • If project health value < 1/3, the project health indicator is green.

  • If 1/3 <= project health value < 2/3, the project health indicator is yellow.

  • If project health value >= 2/3, the project health indicator is red.

Example: Suppose a project has schedule health indicator red, cost health indicator red, and issue health indicator green. The weight values are set as follows:

  • Schedule Weight: 4

  • Cost Weight: 5

  • Issue Weight: 6

The project health is (4 * 5/6 + 5 * 5/6 + 6 * 1/6) / (4 + 5 + 6), or 56.7%. Because 1/3 <= 56.7% < 2/3, the health indicator for this project is yellow.

Project Field

Project health is calculated by your custom method.

Tip: This option is only enabled after the project type is created successfully.

Click the select icon to select a project field that indicates the project health calculated by your custom method, and PPM will show the project health based on the field value.

Choices are limited to the fields defined by the request type associated with the project. See Request Types Policy for details.

The field that can be used to define the project health must meet the following requirements:

  • It must use auto-complete or drop-down list validation, and

  • The code of the validation value must contain the following: RED, GREEN, or YELLOW.


  • PPM verifies the field until upon saving the Project Overview page. If no field is specified or the code of the field validation contains none of the codes specified above, PPM sets the project health to NONE.

  • In case of data issue, we recommend that you set the project health after you create the project.

  • Using the special command ksc_store in a workflow execution step to change health field value will not update the project health immediately. The project health will be updated when the project Overview Page is loaded.

Overriding The Health

Whether or not project participants can override the project's calculated by either of the methods selected above.

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