Refreshing Microsoft Project and Project Management Associations

Refreshing the association between a Microsoft Project file and Project Management project reconciles tasks in the work plan such that the work plan can be synchronized.

If a Project Management work plan is opened in Microsoft Project and, in Microsoft Project you delete a required task or a task with actuals, when you synchronize the work plan, you will get an error message.

In the case of a deleted required task, you will not be able to synchronize planned information (in shared control mode and Microsoft Project-controlled mode).

In the case of a deleted task with actuals, you will not be able to synchronize actuals information (in Project Management-controlled mode and shared control mode).

The tasks must be reconciled before the work plan is synchronized. You can reconcile the tasks by refreshing the work plan associations.

To refresh the association between Microsoft Project and Project Management:

  1. From the Microsoft Project Add-Ins tabbed area, select PPM > Refresh Association.

    Note: This menu option is only available after an unsuccessful attempt to synchronize work plans.

  2. If prompted, type your Project Management username and password and click OK.

  3. From the Select a Project dialog, click Search.

  4. Select a project to which to refresh the association to the Microsoft Project work plan.

    You can only select from projects that have work plans, and only for projects for which you are the project manager. If no such project exists, you must create one in Project Management.

  5. Click Select or double-click the selected item.

  6. In the Refresh Task Mapping Table dialog, verify the associations that will be refreshed. If a task has more than one matching task or option, select the most appropriate task or option. Click Continue.

  7. The refresh is completed when the Integration Complete dialog displays.

    From the Integration Complete dialog, you may choose to remove the association between the Microsoft Project work plan and the Project Management project.

    You can also click Show Info to view any informational messages, errors, or warnings that occurred while refreshing the work plan. See Enable synchronization logs for information on how to enable full information tracing.

  8. Click Done to close the dialog.