Silent Installation

You can perform the installation of the Plug-in for PPM without opening the InstallShield wizard.

Caution: You must meet all the client-side requirements before you run the silent installation (see Client-Side Requirements). The silent installation does not check for these requirements.

Note: If more than one user will use the Plug-in for PPM on the system, each user must install his own instance of the Plug-in for PPM and each instance of the Plug-in for PPM should be installed in a different destination folder. In order to install an instance in a different destination folder, you cannot run the silent installation but must run the installation using the InstallShield wizard (see Installation Instructions).

To install the Plug-in for PPM silently:

  1. If Microsoft Project is open, exit Microsoft Project.

  2. After you install and configure PPM, log on to PPM.

  3. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Download Microsoft Project Plug-in.

    The File Download dialog box opens and prompts you to indicate whether you want to run or save the setup.exe file.

  4. Click Save.

  5. From your system, run the setup.exe installer by typing the following:

    setup.exe  /s  /v"/qn"