Setting Resource Attributes

General resource attributes are set in the standard interface.

Note: Resource cost rates are set using cost rate rules. See the Financial Management User Guide for more detailed information on cost rate rules and their configuration.

To configure attributes for a resource:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. Select Search > Administrative > Resources from the menu bar.

    The Search Resources page opens.

  3. Specify any search criteria in the Search for Resources section and click Search.

    The Search Resources page displays the results of your search.

    Note: Click Export to Excel if you want to export resources on this page to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can configure the parameter EXCEL_EXPORT_RESOURCES_LIMIT in the Administration Console to specify the maximum number of resources that can be exported. By default, the value is 3000. Consider the performance objectives when you configure the parameter.

  4. Click on a resource's Username to open their Modify Resource page.

    The Modify Resource page opens to the General tab.

  5. Provide data for any desired resource attributes.

    When the financial summary settings are set to calculate forecasted labor costs from the staffing profile, the cost category is used to categorize costs of work allocations.

    The primary organization unit the resource belongs to appears in the Organization Information section.

    To add a role and skills, click the Role/Skill tab.

    Note: If a resource is assigned to a position and you change the resource’s full name, the change is reflected in the Staffing Profile page, but not reflected in the Resource Forecast Cost chart of the Cost tab on the Project Overview page.

  6. Click Save to save all changes to the resource.

  7. (Optional) If you would like to take a look at the history of changes made to the resource, you can click the View Audit Trail button in the upper-right corner of the page.

    The Resource Audit Trail tracks changes to the following cost-related attributes of a resource:

    • Resource category
    • Org unit
    • Department
    • Region
    • Role
    • Time sheet policy

Note: The resource will use the regional calendar and currency configured for its selected region.