Setting Up the Resource Calendar

A resource's calendar, which specifies working and non-working days for that particular resource, is configured in the standard interface. Resources that are part of a security group with the Edit My Calendar access grant can edit their own calendars.

To set a resource's calendar:

  1. Open the resource's Modify Resource page as described in Setting Resource Attributes.

  2. Open the resource's calendar by clicking the Calendar tab of the Modify Resource page.

  3. Select a day or range of days by using Shift + click or Ctrl+ click.

  4. Choose the Non-Working day option to mark those days as non-working.

    Optionally, select a Reason and type a Description.

  5. Click Save.

    The resource's calendar is set and will be used to calculate that resource's capacity in Resource Management visualizations.

Note: By default, the resource calendar will inherit all the non-working days set in the regional calendar the resource uses.