Adjusting Resource Participation Within Resource Pools

A resource may participate in more than one resource pool at a time. You can adjust the distribution of a resource's time across resource pools, which has the effect of altering the resource's capacity in each pool.

To redistribute a resource's participation across multiple resource pools:

  1. Open a resource pool.

  2. In the Resource Pool page, click Manage Pool Capacity.

    The Manage Pool Capacity page for the resource pool opens.

  3. Select the radio button next to a resource and click Manage Participation.

    The Manage Resource Pool Participation page for that user opens, displaying the user's current distribution of participation across resource pools.

  4. Click Add Participation.

    The Add Resource Participation across Resource Pools dialog box opens.

  5. Type a new distribution of percentages for each resource pool and an Effective Date for the redistribution to take effect.

  6. Click Add. The Manage Resource Pool Participation page opens.

  7. Click Done. The Manage Pool Capacity page opens.

  8. Click Done. The Resource Pool page opens.