View resource load

To get a detailed breakdown of total resource capacity and workload:

  1. Open a resource pool.

  2. In the Resource Pool page, click View Resource Load. The Resource Load Breakdown page (Assignment Summary view) opens.

    It displays scheduled total capacity, total assignments, and available capacity of each resource in the resource pool.




    The scheduled effort of the resource.

    Scheduled effort is evenly distributed across working days from the scheduled start date to the scheduled finish date. Hours per week may differ based on regional and personal calendars (for example, holidays and personal vacations).

    Total Capacity

    Maximum total amount of effort that can be allocated for the resource.

    Total Assignments

    Total effort provided by the resource.

    Available Capacity

    The remaining capacity of the resource.

    Available Capacity = Total Capacity – Total Assignments

    Clicking the Assignment Details link, you change to the Assignment Details view. It displays resource's assigned effort provided to each staffing profile.