Modify staffing profile notifications

Notifications allow staffing profile managers to be notified (by email) when resource requests are forwarded or rejected, and resources are allocated. By default, staffing profile notifications are set to notify a staffing profile manager when a resource request message is rejected, a resource is committed, a committed resource changes to soft-booked or is removed, and when the start date, end date or FTEs of a committed resource is adjusted.

To modify staffing profile notifications:

  1. Open a staffing profile.

  2. In the Staffing Profile page, click More > Configure Notifications.

  3. Select or deselect the checkbox for the level of notification you desire.

    By default, the Prevent any email notifications regarding this staffing profile option is unchecked. Checking this option disables all the other options on this page.

    The Prevent any email notifications regarding this staffing profile option is intended for staffing profiles linked to confidential projects. This option enables you to prevent any email notifications about the staffing profile from being sent out. Therefore, checking the option protects the confidential information about the staffing profile and the corresponding project.

    For example, by checking this option, you disable the email notifications that the system generates when resource requests are sent to resource pools.

    Note: The automatically-generated email notifications cannot be disabled by any original options on the Configuration Notifications page. With this option checked, only users having the appropriate permissions, such as the staffing profile manager, the resource pool manager, and the project manager can view the resource requests after they log on to the system.

  4. Click Save.