Clear future forecast and assignments

When a staffing profile is completed or canceled, you can clear its future forecast and assignments.


When a staffing profile is completed or canceled, you can clear future forecast and assignments (forecast and assignments that go beyond the finish date) from the staffing profile. When the future forecast and assignments are cleared, they are no longer reflected in areas including the following:

  • The Analyze Assignment Load and Analyze Resource Pool portlets
  • A resource's workload capacity
  • The Resource Finder
  • Forecasted demand
  • Staffing profiles and
  • The Resource Allocation Management page

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Clear future forecast and assignments

This section describes how to clear a staffing profile's future forecast and assignments.


  • You must have the Edit Positions access grant.
  • The staffing profile is Completed or Canceled

To clear future forecast and assignments:

  1. Open the staffing profile.

  2. Click More > Clear Future Forecast and Assignment.

  3. In the Clear Future Forecast and Assignment dialog, specify a date from which to clear all forecast and assignment information. The date must be after the Profile Start date.

    Note: Verify the Clear From date. Once you click OK, the forecast and assignments cannot be restored.

  4. Click OK.

    Forecast and assignments starting from the specified date to the future are cleared from the staffing profile.

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