Assigning Requests

Requests are assigned using Demand Management. Setting a resource as the Assigned To user for a request automatically books that resource for the request.

Booking a resource for a request also books that resource's primary role. If the resource has a different role you want to book, you can change the value in the Role field.

The request is counted as load against the resource's capacity and will show up in Resource Management visualizations, such as the resource Gantt chart on the Capacity/Load tab of the View Resource page, pictured in Figure 5-1. View Resource page: Capacity/Load tab. If the Workload flag is enabled, the request will show up in load histograms.

Figure 5-1. View Resource page: Capacity/Load tab

To view your resource Gantt chart, select Open > Administration > View My Resource Information from the menu bar in the standard interface and click the Capacity/Load tab. The resource Gantt chart can be altered to display a wide range of time periods.

Note: To view a Gantt chart, you must have a license for Project Management module. Even when you are assigned, you still cannot view the resource Gantt chart if you do not have a license for the Project Management module.

A request that is in progress but is 0 percent complete appears as Ready in the Gantt chart.