Column Refresh

Columns described in Table 5-4. New Columns in Resource Results are added to the Resource Results tab:

Table 5-4. New Columns in Resource Results

Column Name


# of Skill Matched

Represents the sum of RSN and PSN. For more information about RSN and PSN, see the Calculate skill score section.


Represents the category (such as full time employee, or contractor) of a resource.


Represents the role of the resource.

Resource Pool

Represents the resource pool of the resource.


Represents the Email address of the resource.

Direct Manager

Represents the direct manager of the resource.

The following columns are sortable:

  • Resource Name

  • Suitability Score

  • Availability Score

  • #of Skill Matched

By default, the results are sorted by the suitability score in a descending order. The following columns are removed from the Resource Results tab:

  • Projected Utilization

  • Gantt chart

  • Skill Score

Except for the column additions and removals, the column width is resizable. You can drag to expand the column width to display long strings. Correspondingly, a horizontal scroll-bar enables you to view the rightmost data if you expand the column width.