Searching for a Resource

To use the Resource Finder to search for a resource to assign to a task, request or staffing profile:

  1. Provide a Role for the desired entity.

  2. Click the Resource Finder icon next to the Resource field.

    The Resource Finder opens, displaying a set of resources with the desired role.

  3. Select the checkboxes next to any of the resources displayed to retain them in case you want to page to the next set of results or refine the search.

    If you select some resources and click Search Again in the Modify Search Criteria tab, the Resource Finder reloads with the selected resources collected at the top of the list for easy comparison.

  4. If needed, refine the Resource Finder's search by providing filter criteria in the fields in the Modify Search Criteria tab and clicking Search Again.

    The filter fields in the Modify Search Criteria tab vary depending on whether you are looking at a task, request, or staffing profile line.

  5. If desired, drill down into the selected resources' load and skill profiles by clicking View Resource Load or Compare Skills.

    See View resource load or Comparing Skills for more detailed information.

  6. Click Assign once you have selected the resources you wish to assign.

    The Resource Finder closes and the Resource field on the current entity is automatically filled in with the selected resources.