Required Skill and Preferred Skill

In some resource searching scenario, you may have to set one or more skills as required skills while the others as nice-to-have (preferred) ones. To fit your business needs, the Scalable Resource Finder classifies skills as required skills and preferred skills by setting the Required field.

  • Required Skill: Skills that a resource must have. Additionally, the resource's skill proficiency must meet or exceed the minimum skill proficiency. Otherwise, the resource will be filtered out.

  • Preferred Skill: Skill that a resource does not have to have. Having a preferred skill increases the Suitability Score of a resource.

By default, the Required field is set to Yes.

In addition to the Required field, you can do the following modification to the skill criteria for Scalable Resource Finder:

  • Click Add Skill to add more skills.

  • Click the icon to remove a skill.

  • Modify the Minimum Proficiency field for the skill.

    You can modify the value displayed in the Minimum Proficiency field by configuring the RSC – Skill Proficiency validation. This validation defines a sequence of proficiency levels. The system measures the proficiency level according to the sequence number. A high sequence number indicates a high proficiency level.

    By default, this field is set to the value you specified in the Aptitude field of the position.

    If you set a skill to be a preferred one (set the Required field to No), the Minimum Proficiency field will be grayed out.

Figure 5-7. Modifying skill criteria

Compared with the skills specified in the position (shown in Add positions), the following changes occur after the skill criteria modification (shown in Figure 5-7. Modifying skill criteria).

  • The skill C becomes a preferred skill. And thus, resources that do not have this skill will not be filtered out. While resources that have this skill may have higher suitability scores.

  • The minimum proficiency of the skill java is set to "Trained." This change makes more resources that have the skill Java become eligible.

The skill Linux is added as a required one. This change filters out all the resources that do not have the skill Linux.