Resource Management

This topic introduces Resource Management.

Resource Management capabilities

Resource Management provides executives and managers with the full visibility into the capacity of their teams and the load placed on them, in terms of both current execution and capacity planning for the future.

Capability Description
Current execution

Resource Management includes a set of visualizations and tools including work calendars, standard planning fields on tasks and requests, and resource load and capacity histograms, to help:

  • Managers to analyze the current workload for their teams and optimize operational capacity.
  • Individual resources to view their workload and spot potential trouble areas.

For details, see Use Resource Management for work plan and request Execution.

Capacity planning

Resource Management includes staffing profiles and resource pools to facilitate resource capacity planning.

The resource capacity planning feature offers high-level visualizations into resource forecast, to help project and resource managers evaluate project feasibility and schedules, and make staffing decisions and allocations.

For details, see Use Resource Management for capacity planning.

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Set up Resource Management

Resource Management provides the following modeling capabilities to help manage the resources.

Capability Description
Role and skill modeling

Set up roles and skills that can be associated with resources. Use regional calendar to determine available working hours, holidays, and vacations.

For details, see Set up Resource Management.

Organizational modeling Model your organization at the individual and group level. Keep track of where resources are located and to whom they report. For details, see Model your organization.

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