Creating Work Allocations for Users

Managers or planners can optionally create work allocations for packages and miscellaneous work items, one per work item to specify the following:

  • The amount of time allocated to be spent on a particular work item.

    The amount of time is displayed as Expected Hours in time sheets.

  • Which resources (users) are allowed to spend time on the work item.
  • The charge code or codes (with relative percentages) against which the time can be billed.

The work item must exist before its work allocation is create and specified, so that managers or planners can compare the actual time entered on the time sheet to the time specified in the work allocation, and this may influence their approval decisions.


  • Work allocations for projects and tasks are superseded by the time assigned to projects and tasks when Time Management and Project Management are integrated using the Cost and Effort policy in project settings.
  • Work allocations for requests are superseded by the assigned resources specified in request types (see the Demand Management Configuration Guide).
  • We strongly recommend that you not use work allocations for programs, projects, tasks, or requests, but only for packages and miscellaneous items as needed.

This section details the following procedures associated with creating and managing work allocations: