Find delinquent (overdue) time sheets

A time sheet becomes delinquent (overdue) when all of the following are true:

  • The time sheet policy for the associated resource requires the resource to submit a time sheet for each time period. (For information about time sheet policies, see Time sheet policies and the Time Management Configuration Guide.)

  • Today's date is after the end date of the time sheet's time period.

  • The associated resource has not created the time sheet (it will be reported as Missing), has created but not submitted it (its status is Unsubmitted), or needs to rework and resubmit it (its status is In Rework).

You can use the Delinquent Time Sheets report to view summary information for all delinquent time sheets in the system, or for a subset by using filter criteria you specify, if you have the Time Mgmt: View All Time Sheets (Summary Info Only) access grant.

For details on how to generate the Delinquent Time Sheets report, see Run reports and Delinquent Time Sheets Report.